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What is Occasional Furniture?

Occasional furniture items include relatively small pieces of furniture compared to our ‘regular’ furniture that can be used when required. This type of furniture is usually not positioned in a permanent or prominent place, and is moved around to wherever it is needed. Occasional furniture can often serve a variety of purposes or meet more than one need, and mainly consists of side tables and coffee tables, ottomans, night stands, single chairs, commodes and chests.

Occasional Furniture items are often must-have components of a home, for their practical value as well as for their decorative value. Such furniture items can look out of place if chosen carelessly, ruining the style of a room, or, on the other hand, if chosen with care and used as a focal point, they can turn an otherwise boring room into a magnificent space.

Occasional furniture items can be found in department stores or traditional furniture shops, but there is one best place that sells occasional furniture is Prices Right Furniture.

There are some examples of occasional furniture or pieces that are perhaps not used every day, but that can certainly add to the look and feel of your room, and used when required.

The chest

Chests are used for storage purposes but its also a one of occasional furniture thing, and are mainly used in our bedrooms for linen or blanket storage. These pieces come in all shapes and sizes, and can double up as a side table or an ottoman. Chests are often used as occasional lounge furniture as well, and provide great display surfaces for art pieces or books.

The ottoman

Ottomans are multi-functional in that they can be used in a multitude of different ways; such as an occasional seat, a footrest when combined with a reclining chair or even to stand on when you need to get to something that is difficult to reach. There are storage ottomans as well which can be used to store anything from books to tablecloths – depending on the room in which they are placed.

The side table

Small tables can be one of occasional Furniture or decorative pieces, depending on what they are used for. Side tables that are used for display purposes would be termed decorative, and when used for more practical purposes such as when they are placed next to a couch for drinks or snacks, they become occasional pieces.

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