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History of Lounge Furniture

The Lounge Furniture is, first of all, originated in Egypt. The Lounge Furniture is blend first to be of bed and chairs.  It was made from the palm sticks and piece of cord and rawhides. Egyptian started making furniture with the verities and then introduced a wooden framed lounge furniture in market. First thing we are pronouncing term is wrong. The correct term is ‘chaise lounge’ which is a French word.

The Lounge Furniture – Name by reading it gives the feelings of comfort and softness. Whether it is lounge chairs, lounge bed, outdoor chairs or indoor chairs they give same comfort, soft feeling and relaxation by touch. While in modern furniture it is not like lounge furniture.

lounge furniture Australia

The Lounge Furniture are everything but not modern part of furniture. At that time beds of Egyptian were design same as our modern furniture. The lounge chairs have been found also in ancient in Egypt. They were used in everyday in royal and reach families. While there were royal banquets high quality version lounge chairs were being used instead of other chairs.

Ancient Greek were also used the chaise lounges while large parties and a symposium held to introduce young men in adulthood. The Greek called them lounges ‘Kline’ and they used while eating.

Romans were not an exception when it comes to the lounge furniture. They used chaise lounge for relaxing while the day and sleeping at night for a banquets. Chaise lounge is as much as comfort so usually three people set to each lounge.

The Lounge Furniture have been used in china also. Ming Dynasty was using the chaise lounge in china first time in 1368.  Still Lounge furnitures are famous in China and it deserves a good place in a variety of furniture.

Olmec’s also used their kind of furniture on another side of the world from 1300BC to 400 BC. It was worldwide popular at that time when the Morden furniture was not in the picture.

In 16th century the first modern lounge furniture version was famous in France. The modern version was design for lying on their backs instead of their stomach and side. The chaise lounge were designed form variety of materials like metal tube and plastics.

Now a day’s lounge furnitures become modern, stylish and comfortable. It is suitable for the living room if you have the large area that is too big for chairs but small for full sofa. While you are watching TV the back will give you relax and long frame will give your footrest. The chaise lounge is also perfect for your living room while you are reading or relaxing after hard work by putting your foot of their bed on it.

Lounge Furniture Perth

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